Social media marketing trends

5 Social Media Marketing Trends

We all know that social media algorithms and trends are fluid and in a constant state of flux. It can be tricky to navigate, so we wanted to share five important social media marketing trends:

LinkedIn Will Be More Than Just a Professional Social Platform

Since the start of the pandemic, LinkedIn is slowly but surely transforming with more and more posts about personal topics. Outside life has made its way into the professional network with posts about family, life lessons and other personal content.

CNBC recently featured a story about a CEO who posted a professional post and then a more personal post the following day. The latter post did overwhelmingly better than the first in terms of engagement.

Social media experts have a lot of thoughts on why this is happening, including the fact that the pandemic erased boundaries in the workplace and people have a much lower trust in Facebook and Twitter.

Regardless, we suggest including some personal aspects into your professional posts. Maybe throw in a personal story or some words of encouragement but be careful to maintain a high level of professionalism.

The Rise of BeReal

BeReal is a photo-sharing app that alerts users once a day to take an unedited photo on both their front and back cameras, which are then posted to a select group of friends.

Part of the appeal for the app is the lack of ads or business features, according to Hootsuite. Because of the app’s 500-friend limit, it’s different from traditional social media marketing.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with BeReal and to experiment with the similar dual-camera features on Instagram and TikTok to see if there is any traction there for you.

Customer Influencers Will Continue to Be Effective

Customer influencers curating content focused on marketing has played an important role with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. The impact of user-generated content from customer influencers has witnessed a large degree of success.

Audiences develop relationships with these influencers and trust their opinions. In 2023, more brands will be implementing and embracing influencer programs in their social media strategies.

Video Content Is Still Going to Be Prominent

According to data collected by Statista and reported by Social Shepherd, more than 3 billion Internet users watched streaming or downloaded video content at least once a month in 2022. With Tik-Tok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts and other video content, that number is predicted to increase to 3.5 billion this year.

For 2023, more raw, real, authentic content is expected to perform better as opposed to over-planned campaigns. Think about using TikTok and Instagram Reels as best practices for video content, but don’t forget about all other social media platforms to use video. As we know, TikTok alone is growing by leaps and bounds, and the Instagram algorithm is increasingly promoting Instagram Reels.

AI Content Creation Assistance Will Take Off

2023 will be a big year for AI generated content. Forrester last year predicted that AI software will grow 50% faster than overall software market. We are already seeing businesses use AI for copywriting, social posts, campaigns and more. With new options like ChatGPT, content creators and copywriters will start using AI to draft content and then run with those ideas.

We will continue to follow emerging social media and marketing trends and offer our insights in future blogs.


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