Energy Innovation Center Institute rebranded logo

Project Work: Rebranding EICI

From time to time, we will blog about projects to showcase our abilities but to also provide ideas for other clients and potential clients.

Recently, KCI completed a rebranding for the Pittsburgh-based Energy Innovation Center Institute (EICI). EICI is a non-profit organization with a mission to transform how humans learn, work and power ourselves in more sustainable, resilient and mutual ways. The organization helps to close the gap between the most-vulnerable population and the opportunities to participate in the region’s growing prosperity through job training in the energy sector.

Our task was to make the logo more contemporary to realign with the organization’s current mission and values. But the client strongly stated they wanted to keep some of the visual components of their existing logo, which were directly tied to the building in which they inhabit. The overall goal was to visually convey the idea of energy and sustainability in a modern way, while still tying back to legacy of the original logo.

To accomplish these goals, we started with discovery and research before presenting a handful of different solutions. Upon client feedback, we then refined the concepts and created what EICI will now use as its final mark.

EICI Original and Rebrand Logos

We were then asked to begin design work on an additional logo and branding for a sub-offering of EICI, its Infrastructure Academy. The design for the Infrastructure Academy needed to mirror the new EICI brand but also be unique. To accomplish this, we created an “opened box” design to symbolize welcoming new ideas while complementing the EICI logo.

EICI Infrastructure Academy

KCI is currently working to build out EICI’s identity with pieces including a new stationery package including letterhead, business cards and more, as well as a new website and printed/digital collateral.


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