Assure America Insurance Elegance Campaign

Project Work: Assure America Elegance Campaign

Our client, Weirton, WV-based Assure America, approached us with photos of their team they had recently shot and wanted our ideas on how they could be used in an effective marketing campaign. Assure America is an independent insurance (home, life and auto) agency dedicated to serving customers in nine states.

The photo shoot took place in New York City while the entire Assure America team was together in one location. They loved the photos which featured their people in high-end clothing and accessories.

Their request initially posed a few issues for us. Typically, we like to have a strategy in place before engaging a professional for a photo shoot, but we needed to work with the hand we were dealt.

The photos were more glamour-focused and didn’t clearly communicate the firm’s real competitive advantage, which is the experience and quality their team provides for their clients and, ultimately, how easy it is to do business with them.

The right creative direction came to us almost immediately…a key theme of the photos was elegance. We thought there was an elegance in how they make insurance simple and help their clients determine the right amounts of insurance needed to balance being adequately covered with paying the least amount of money on a long-term basis. So, our campaign focused on the “Elegance of Effortless Insurance. “

But what does the Elegance of Effortless Insurance actually mean? For Assure America, the elegance comes from their professional and knowledgeable agents, while the effortless is how they take the complexity out of insurance and make it simple.

Our client was extremely happy with this creative approach, and the campaign went live in print and magazine advertisements, mailers, outdoor ads and a direct mail campaign focused on six markets in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

The Assure America team has seen great results from the campaign in all their markets and have told us the level of response and engagement is higher than any prior campaign. It also was a positive experience for their people to see themselves as part of the campaign in their local communities!

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