Krakoff Communications Dormont hybrid office model

KCI Moves to Hybrid Office Model

After working in an office environment since our firm was founded in 1993, then shifting completely to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are announcing the Krakoff Communications, Inc (KCI) team has transitioned to a hybrid office model.

While working from home has been nice for a lot of reasons, we decided it was time to find a collaborative space to bring the team together on a regular basis. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working from our new office space in Dormont, Pa., just a couple miles south of the Liberty Tunnels.

Operating in a hybrid model allows for better collaboration among our team while still providing the flexibility of working from home.

We aren’t alone in our thinking. According to a 2022 research summary by Zippia, 74% of U.S. companies are using or plan to implement a permanent hybrid work model, which coincides with the fact that many employees prefer a hybrid work model.

A 2022 study by the Pew Research Center stated that before the pandemic, 57% of employees rarely or never worked from home. In October 2020, 71% of employees were working from home all or most of the time, but that number declined to 59% by January 2022, back to close to a pre-pandemic level.

While remote work has led to mental health and work-life balance benefits for many people, it has also caused negative results regarding collaboration and a feeling of connection in the workplace.

At KCI, we welcome all the benefits a hybrid workplace as to offer.