Krakoff Communications team worked from their home offices during the COVID-19 pandemic

Home Is Where the Office Is

Home is Where the Office is

With all the changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people still work remotely or at least in a hybrid fashion. Face-to-face meetings are replaced with Zoom calls, we are now sharing space with family members, roommates and pets, and we are constantly inundated with news updates and press conferences covering the latest on the global pandemic.

Whether you are working completely remote or just a day or two a week from home, our team developed the following suggestions on how to maintain productivity, communication and mental and physical well-being during this time.

Keep to a Routine

Try to keep to your normal workday routines by waking up at the same time, getting dressed out of your pajamas, making a cup of coffee and writing a to-do list. Whatever you regularly do at the office, try to emulate those same habits at home. This will help get you into a productive focused state.

Designate a Workspace

Working from home comes with distractions. Find a clean, quiet space in your home to set up a desk with all of your typical work essentials. Eliminate excess noise by putting on headphones and listening to a productive playlist. Keep your desk clean and organized and when the workday is done, power off your computer and leave the workspace.

Check out some work-from-home spaces shared by KCI team members.

Schedule Regular Meetings and Check-Ins

Our team has maintained our daily morning meetings via Zoom calls. This keeps us connected and starts each day with open communication and a clearly defined task list. We discuss our to-dos, any updates to our work and keep the office conversation going despite not physically being in an office together.

Stay Active

Staying active will help to manage stress and stay focused while working. While we are advised to stay home, we are permitted to walk or run outside while practicing safe social distancing. Let’s admit it, this quarantine can make us all a little stir crazy, so try to schedule a morning, afternoon or evening activity. Many yoga studios and other fitness classes are offering free or reduced priced classes online. Take advantage of opportunities to be active in safe ways.

Make Time to Unwind

When working from home, it is easy to ignore work hours and days seem to blend into each other. Be sure to set boundaries for yourself and your work. Prioritize time at the end of each day to unwind. Set up a family or friend Zoom call or happy hour, watch a movie or read a book.

We hope that these were helpful tips. Stay safe and healthy!

-The Krakoff Communications Team


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