Developing compelling and effective case studies

Making a Case (Study) for Your Organization

Every marketer has most likely thought: “If only our prospective customers or clients could experience our product or service, it would be a slam dunk to get their business.”

That certainly works if you have a good product or service. And it certainly works if you utilize case studies to communicate your current or past customers’ positive experiences. 

So what is the best way to develop a compelling and effective case study? First, talk to your sales people to find customers with good visibility and reputation in their industry who have had a good experience with your company.

Then, ask the customer for their permission to develop a case study to talk about their specific needs, how your product or service met that need and, ultimately, the results.

For your organization, think about the types of products or services you want to sell, where your prospects are geographically and the types of vertical industries you serve. You should select case studies based on those criteria.

Make sure you get the customer and any people you interview to approve the information before you use it to make sure it is accurate and they are comfortable with how you are describing the project.

Finally, you can produce a printed and/or digital piece like the example I showed you. But, you should also send the information in a copy-only document with some photos embedded to trade media in your industry and see if they will publish it as an article.

If we can help you in any way to identify the best stories for your organization, write copy and/or design and layout a printed piece—as well as pitch it to trade media—please contact us at 


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