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KCI’s Strategic Media Relations for M@C Discount

When M@C Discount, an expanding online retail and liquidation auction company, reached out to us at Krakoff Communications Inc. (KCI) last summer, they were a fairly new company with tremendous growth. A little more than a year later, we are thrilled to look back and see their growth to 16 locations across four states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina. 

How did they achieve such incredible expansion? While M@C Discount’s great leadership has been the key to success, we’d also like to think our dedicated media relations have played a significant role in addition to their investment in advertising and promotion in the areas where they operate.

Understanding M@C Discount

M@C Discount operates on a simple yet captivating business model: buying overstocked and returned products by the truckload from large big-box retailers like Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. and selling them via online auctions where bidding starts at just $1. The combination of technology and brick-and-mortar locations creates a unique experience for customers, allowing them to bid online and pick up their winning items in person. This exciting blend enables M@C Discount to sell products at about 70-80% off retail price. Additionally, they recently introduced Yinz Binz, a new concept that allows customers to buy smaller items in bins in-store.

KCI’s Role in M@C Discount’s Growth

With a company expanding at such a rapid pace, media attention is crucial. That’s where we stepped in, ensuring that M@C Discount’s story was heard far and wide.

Here’s how we did it:

  • A Media Kit to Tell Their Story: We wrote and designed a digital media kit to tell the M@C Discount story of their business model, how their auctions work, leadership and benefits to consumers and to the communities in which they operate. We created interesting infographics to also communicate key data points. 
  • Tailored Pitches: Understanding the uniqueness of M@C’s business model, we tailored our pitches to fit the interests of specific reporters, editors and producers. We focused on the theme of second chances because they offer second chances to products, empty retail spaces and even people they employ. We also looked at seasonal stories. For example, we targeted back-to-school shoppers in August, focusing on finding school supplies and college dorm/apartment items at huge savings.
  • Diverse Media Placements: In just a little over one year, we secured 17 print placements, three podcast segments, and five television appearances for M@C Discount. With features in Pittsburgh Magazine, the Pittsburgh Business Times, Washington Observer-Reporter and the Butler Eagle to WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, WFMJ-TV in Youngstown, OH, and Our Region’s Business (WPXI-TV) to a number of podcasts, or media strategy helped build momentum and brand recognition.
  • Continuous Innovation: We never became complacent. Continually, we brainstormed new stories and sought innovative ways to gain media coverage in the markets where M@C operates. Collaborating with our entire team, we kept ideas fresh and created a variety of solutions along the way.
  • Strong Relationships: Our ongoing partnerships with media contacts and outlets ensured that M@C’s story continued to resonate, strengthening their presence in the market.
  • Future Growth: We are committed to nurturing our relationships with media outlets and contacts to ensure even more exposure for M@C in the future.

Conclusion: The Power of Strategic Media Relations

M@C Discount’s impressive growth across four states not only reflects their innovative business model but also the collaborative efforts between their team and KCI’s media relations expertise. Through careful planning, targeted pitching and an understanding of the company’s unique selling points, we were able to amplify M@C’s message.

M@C Discount’s story is far from over, and so is our partnership. We look forward to even more growth, innovation and success in the years to come.

Contact us at to find out how we can transform your business story into a growth narrative, just like we did for M@C Discount!


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